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Technology Partnership
for superior performance in renewable energy projects

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Established in 2004 Retech Energy focuses on Project Development and the Supply of Technology and Equipment for the Energy and Environmental Industries.

Together with a network of worldwide accredited technology partners Retech Energy offers professional support and services to the growing number of investors in these fields.

One of the main targets is to combine imported and local supply in order to stay within budget expectations of clients without compromising quality, performance and safety.

Retech Energy offers project development and design, single unit sales, turnkey plants, engineering and construction services as well as Balance of Plant (BOP) in projects where main components are coming from various sources.

Syntegra is a specialized Consulting & Advisory and Solar Project Development firm, recognized for its expertise and experience in Renewable Energies, namely in Photovoltaic (PV) Technologies.

Syntegra partners are entrepreneurs, previous industry executives or acclaimed academics, with a proven track record and a long-standing, direct experience in the Renewable Energy Industry Sector. At Syntegra, “we walk the talk” as we are owners and investors in Solar Assets, with decades of experience in operations and maintenance.

Syntegra Solar with its affiliates develops, installs turn-key, and services PV Roof-Top Power Systems and Solar Parks for investors in selected regions in Europe, in MENA, in the Caribbean Region, in South & Central America and South East Asia.

triangle In close cooperation we offer you turnkey hybrid Solar-Biogas solutions based on local energy resources.

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The hybrid systems range from 10 to 50 MWp and are designed as a mix of generation from solar PV and biogas. The power generation units are integrated in an electrical system especially designed for securing stability of the electrical grid.


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Solar Farms Solar Roof Top Biogas Plants Biogas Engines


triangle Solar-Biogas Hybrid Systems - Customized solutions from one partner!

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We offer cost effective Solar-Biogas hybrid solutions with high quality Swiss-German engineering!
From panel to grid connection we provide state-of-the-art turnkey solutions.

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triangle Large Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural PV Roof-Top Power Systems

The most sensible and cost-effective at low CAPEX with an excellent performance

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 “Produced and consumed on premises”
it is most elegant and makes best business sense to produce power where it is consumed directly!


triangle Making your roof a cash generating business!
Advantages of a PV Roof-Top Power Systems:



Solar power feeds directly into existing building switchboard:
     No costs for grid extension, marginal costs for grid connection

PV Modules safe and secure on roof-tops:
     No or little security needed, e.g. no guards, fences, CDTV is o.k.

No expensive substructure foundation required:
     Roof-top mounting systems specially designed for all types and makes of roofs

Advanced roof-top mounting system keep roof skin intact:
     Modern mounting systems do not puncture the roof

Minimized O&M costs: no vegetation control and less cleaning
     PV modules tend to keep cleaner on roof-tops than on ground

Little impact on power grid, tends to stabilize voltage levels



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Retech Energy Co., Ltd.
2/22 Iyara Tower 7th Floor, Chan Rd. Soi 2
Thungwatdorn, Sathorn

Bangkok 10120

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Syntegra Solar (Thailand) Ltd.
999 Gaysorn Building, 5th Floor, Unit 5B-1
Ploenchit Rd.,Lumpini,Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

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