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The perfect housing for your Gen-Set

Retech Energy has developed a perfect Gen-Set housing system as an either stationary enclosure concept (PowerBox-E) or a mobile container concept (PowerBox-C).

Both systems offer a professional solution to avoid complicated construction of a concrete powerhouse which usually does not fulfill air flow requirements and noise issues.

Together with our technology partner, who designs such systems for worldwide markets we have supplied many “PowerBox” solutions to our clients.


Advantages of the PowerBox concept:

  • Modular & Expandable Construction suitable for any engine brand
  • Heat and soundproof sandwich panels for outer shell
  • Comfortable space around the engine for maintenance & service
  • Integrated professional air venting system
  • Separate air-conditioned control room
  • Suitable for co- and trigeneration systems
  • Pre-engineered connection to gas train and transformer
  • Sufficient door sizing for easy installation and exchange of engine and components
  • Pre-installed lighting, gas and smoke detector connected to engine safety chain
  • Oil station for easy and clean handling of fresh and used engine oil
  • Auxiliary panel for all necessary functions
  • Radiators for engine cooling designed for hot tropical countries (45 oC !!)
  • Separate V-Type radiator for low-temp and high-temp cycles.
  • Free consultancy for engine ordering scope


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