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Biological H2S Scrubbers

The content of H2S in the raw biogas depends on both the organic waste product and the preceding production process. Typically the H2S will be in a range from 0,1% to 5% (1.000 - 50.000 ppm). Under combustion the H2S will convert into SO2 and when in contact with moisture forms sulphuric acid (H2SO4) which will lead to severe corrosion of gas engine burners and auxiliary equipment as well as air polluting emissions (SOx).

The corrosion will reduce the gas engines lifetime. Furthermore, income will be lost during overhauls and break downs. On top of that there will be substantial expenditures for repairs and frequent oil changes as well as for spare parts. Due to these facts leading gas engine manufacturers limit their warranty to biogas not exceeding 100 - 200 ppm H2S. Where required, the H2S content can be reduced to even lower values.

Retech Energy offers a full range of biological H2S scrubbers: from small gas cleaners to large systems with very high H2S concentration.

The gas cleaners can be designed to handle any biogas flow and H2S content in the raw biogas and thus eliminates the corrosive gas as a fuel for gas engines or burners, meeting local emission regulations and prepare the biogas for upgrading systems.