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Biogas from Organic Waste / Waste Water

Retech Energy offers technology or turnkey plants for Biogas Production and Utilization projects, in partnership with leading technology providers and local contractors. Well proven technology for COD removal and Biogas Production has been delivered in the past years and Retech Energy is now recognized as a local solution provider for both the technology partners and the end users.

Various Methane Reactor designs, depending on the types of Organic Loaded Waste Water, Solids and Slurry provide maximum and reliable biogas yields for Heat and/or Power Generation or for further processing to Biomethane or Compressed Biogas (CBG).

Biogas Engine Generators

Retech Energy integrates leading system manufacturers in the field of Decentralized Energy Technology and Bio Energy. Gas Engine Generators, packaged generator sets and co/tri-generation units run on either Biogas or a variety of other gases such as Natural Gas, Landfill Gas, Syn Gas and Combustible Industrial Waste Gases.