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for Biogas Production and Biomass-to-Energy

The region and its ever increasing demand for energy still depends to a large extend on imported fossil fuels and grid power but is realizing that domestic resources to convert them into Renewable Energy are readily available. Such resources are process waste and by-products such as organic loaded wastewater streams and solids. They typically originate from agriculture based industries such as cassava, palm oil, sugar cane and ethanol as well as from the food and beverage industries. Retech Energy has successfully developed projects for biogas production and its utilization, as well as for biomass combustion and heat recovery. Since recently also energy crops planted solely for the biogas production became part of the National Renewable Energy Agenda.


  • Digestion of Organic loaded Waste Water & Solids
  • Desulphurization (Scrubbers)
  • Gas Engine Generators
  • Biogas Purification Systems (Upgrading)
  • Gas Storage
  • Optimization of existing Biogas Plants
  • Digestate Post-treatment & Effluent
  • Landfill Gas


  • Single- or multifuel combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Fuel Preparation Systems
  • Compacting / Baling for Transport & Storage
  • Energy Recovery from OFMSW and RDF
  • Composting