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Our Competence

Retech Energy has a network of worldwide accredited technology suppliers and is able to source essential projects of resources and policies from industries, local government agencies and institutions.

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  • Pre-treatment of feedstock (Substrate)
  • Biogas production in optimized reactors designed for the respective feedstock
    (mixing by mechanical, hydraulic or biogas where applicable)
  • Treatment of effluent and indigestible solids (Digestate)
  • Optimization / Modernization of existing low performing biogas plants
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Gas Management Systems, SCADA
  • Biological Desulphurization (Scrubbers)
  • Gas Engine Generators installed in power house, containers or enclosures
    (Grid connected and/or island mode concepts)
  • Waste Heat Recovery solutions for Hot Oil, Hot Water, Steam or Absorption Chillers
    (Co- or Trigeneration)
  • Boiler supply or conversion for dual-fuel or biogas only
  • Flares
  • Double Membrane Gas Storage
  • Biogas Upgrading (CBG)
  • Pre-coated, steel bolted reactor & storage tanks for fast and clean construction in any size
  • Other Services:
    • After Sales Service
    • Operator Training
    • Performance Audits and Plant Optimization
    • Feedstock Analysis
    • Safety Audits
    • Document Support for permits etc.