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Our Competence

Retech Energy has a network of worldwide accredited technology suppliers and is able to source essential projects of resources and policies from industries, local government agencies and institutions.

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  • Pre-treatment of feedstock (Substrate)
  • Biogas production in optimized reactors designed for the respective feedstock
    (mixing by mechanical, hydraulic or biogas where applicable)
  • Treatment of effluent and indigestible solids (Digestate)
  • Optimization / Modernization of existing low performing biogas plants
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Gas Management Systems, SCADA
  • Biological Desulphurization (Scrubbers)
  • Gas Engine Generators installed in power house, containers or enclosures
    (Grid connected and/or island mode concepts)
  • Waste Heat Recovery solutions for Hot Oil, Hot Water, Steam or Absorption Chillers
    (Co- or Trigeneration)
  • Boiler supply or conversion for dual-fuel or biogas only
  • Flares
  • Double Membrane Gas Storage
  • Biogas Upgrading (CBG)
  • Pre-coated, steel bolted reactor & storage tanks for fast and clean construction in any size
  • Other Services:
    • After Sales Service
    • Operator Training
    • Performance Audits and Plant Optimization
    • Feedstock Analysis
    • Safety Audits
    • Document Support for permits etc.

for Biogas Production and Biomass-to-Energy

The region and its ever increasing demand for energy still depends to a large extend on imported fossil fuels and grid power but is realizing that domestic resources to convert them into Renewable Energy are readily available. Such resources are process waste and by-products such as organic loaded wastewater streams and solids. They typically originate from agriculture based industries such as cassava, palm oil, sugar cane and ethanol as well as from the food and beverage industries. Retech Energy has successfully developed projects for biogas production and its utilization, as well as for biomass combustion and heat recovery. Since recently also energy crops planted solely for the biogas production became part of the National Renewable Energy Agenda.


  • Digestion of Organic loaded Waste Water & Solids
  • Desulphurization (Scrubbers)
  • Gas Engine Generators
  • Biogas Purification Systems (Upgrading)
  • Gas Storage
  • Optimization of existing Biogas Plants
  • Digestate Post-treatment & Effluent
  • Landfill Gas


  • Single- or multifuel combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Fuel Preparation Systems
  • Compacting / Baling for Transport & Storage
  • Energy Recovery from OFMSW and RDF
  • Composting

Gas Engine Generators

Retech Energy integrates gas engine generators into their biogas projects. Such integration suggest either power house options, containerized packaged units or installation in simple enclosures. Furthermore Co- or Trigeneration can be proposed by recovering generated Heat from the engines.

Depending on the available amounts of biogas a suitable engine size configuration will be proposed. Installation and connection to the plant or to the national grid will be provided. Retech Energy has delivered systems including the entire gas treatment before gas engines such as complete instrumented gas pipelines, blowers, scrubbers, gas dryers as well as the electrical installations, transformers and switch gear.


Biogas from Organic Waste / Waste Water

Retech Energy offers technology or turnkey plants for Biogas Production and Utilization projects, in partnership with leading technology providers and local contractors. Well proven technology for COD removal and Biogas Production has been delivered in the past years and Retech Energy is now recognized as a local solution provider for both the technology partners and the end users.

Various Methane Reactor designs, depending on the types of Organic Loaded Waste Water, Solids and Slurry provide maximum and reliable biogas yields for Heat and/or Power Generation or for further processing to Biomethane or Compressed Biogas (CBG).

Biogas Engine Generators

Retech Energy integrates leading system manufacturers in the field of Decentralized Energy Technology and Bio Energy. Gas Engine Generators, packaged generator sets and co/tri-generation units run on either Biogas or a variety of other gases such as Natural Gas, Landfill Gas, Syn Gas and Combustible Industrial Waste Gases.


The perfect housing for your Gen-Set

Retech Energy has developed a perfect Gen-Set housing system as an either stationary enclosure concept (PowerBox-E) or a mobile container concept (PowerBox-C).

Both systems offer a professional solution to avoid complicated construction of a concrete powerhouse which usually does not fulfill air flow requirements and noise issues.

Together with our technology partner, who designs such systems for worldwide markets we have supplied many “PowerBox” solutions to our clients.


Advantages of the PowerBox concept:

  • Modular & Expandable Construction suitable for any engine brand
  • Heat and soundproof sandwich panels for outer shell
  • Comfortable space around the engine for maintenance & service
  • Integrated professional air venting system
  • Separate air-conditioned control room
  • Suitable for co- and trigeneration systems
  • Pre-engineered connection to gas train and transformer
  • Sufficient door sizing for easy installation and exchange of engine and components
  • Pre-installed lighting, gas and smoke detector connected to engine safety chain
  • Oil station for easy and clean handling of fresh and used engine oil
  • Auxiliary panel for all necessary functions
  • Radiators for engine cooling designed for hot tropical countries (45 oC !!)
  • Separate V-Type radiator for low-temp and high-temp cycles.
  • Free consultancy for engine ordering scope


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